1st DBUK London Deaf Basketball Tournament

The DBUK’s 1st London Deaf Basketball Tournament was held on Saturday 6th December 2008 and it was a success. Conversely it was unfortunate that some of the players from Mary Hare basketball team had travelling difficulties with problem on public transport and finding their way in North-East of London city – near the Old Street tube station. Some have arrived hours later and the games were already over. Not to mention, some of players had made a lot of efforts to get up at 5am in the chilly and frosty morning to be able to arrive at the court in time for 9am start of the tournament. It goes on to show these players were totally committed and wiliness to play good games of deaf basketball. The time length of matches is restricted to 2 x 10 minutes each game due to court hire booking for 2 hours limit

The tournament scores are as follows:

Game 1: Seniors vs. PhD Students = 41 – 8

Game 2: PhD Students vs. Mary Hare = 35 – 19

Game 3: Seniors vs. Mary Hare = 33 – 17

Awards presented:

Gold medal – Trophy: Seniors team – Moty Allshever, Lyndon Borrow (Captain), Jaan Laumets, Leslie Philip, Vadim Rechetnikov and Alfas Vysniauskas

Silver medal: Students team – Gabriel Aralleno, Louis Francis (Captain), Thomas Giddens, Ali Halil, David McNamara and Ramas Rentelis.

Bronze medal: Mary Hare team – James Alexander, Ryan Barrow, Jamie Chang, Mitch Graham, David Hedges, Chris Maher, Aeron Mazija (Captain), Alex Milner, Calum Thompson and Simon Wilkins.

MVP – DBUK Most Valuable Player award: Mitch Graham, Mary Hare team


Many thanks to Ramas Rentelis for all the hard work he has contributed to setting up this tournament including arranging the trophy, medals, scoreboard, bringing the balls and lot to mention. Also many thanks to Robert Adam for volunteering with score-sheet duty of all games. We hope with these experiences we will improve with managing the future tournaments such as finding a suitable court that is available in midday and in appropriate location where possible. Also to accept more teams including deaf women teams and hires some local accredited referee to ensure we have good standard basketball games for everyone.

Video clip: