Report by team captain
gtsv international basketball club tournament
14-16 November 2008

16 strong players and the photographer David McNamara visited and took part in Frankfurt’s 100 years anniversary of deaf basketball event. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet nine strong international teams from various countries. The London Lions started off against the GSC Nurnberg team, and made the first basket, the fans were roaring. After few minutes the Lions made good progress with their tactic plan in the free throw lane and kept the game alive and fast paced against the strong German team, GSC Nurnberg.  Yet, the score came neck to neck during the last 2 minutes but the German team just nipped the winning point at the end. The final score was just 19-18 to Nurnberg! The London Lions were pleased with the result and did not let this loss affect the team’s performance in the other games because the Lions performed well despite the low number of training sessions and being a relatively brand new team.

The London Lions coach Moty made a few changes to the team’s tactic game plan with some tricks included before the team headed into another game against with GSC Furth. The first ten minutes, the Lions were firing in the nets which made a huge impact on the game against GSC Furth. The two oldest Lions Moty and Ramas drived through the court and they gave the younger Lions support in the game. Thomas received the ball numerously and passed out the ball quick as he received it. This German team was struggling and the Lions good game plan ended with the result of 32-20 to the London Lions. The Lions made a huge achievement with this game and enabled these London Lions to walk together with pride!

The Lions were still hungry to defeat and win the last game against another German team, GSV Heidelberg. Since learning from the first game of the tournament, the Lions reduced the number of error shooting and passing in the final game against Heidelberg. The Heidelberg team were performing poorly during the game, and this enabled the strong hungry London Lions to get the points which made it 24-7 to the Lions! A victorious game!

At the end of the day, the London Lions were tired after playing hard and performing well against the international teams and the Lions gained 7th place out of nine overall.

In the evening the London Lions went out to celebration dinner to celebrate their achievement and progress. Moty and Ramas treated the team to half a pint of Lions brand beer!

I was honoured to be captain of the London Lions during this trip to Frankfurt and I believe for my team there are a lot of possibilities and opportunities, and many chances of winning 1st place in the future! Congratulations to the London Lions, 7th place out of nine is an amazing achievement as the London Lions were only officially set up in mid-September.

The London Lions want to say a special thanks to Lyndon Borrow, Moty Allshever and Ramas Rentelis who made this trip possible for the team.

Report by Louis Francis – basketball player.