Message to players of “London Lions” Deaf Basketball Squad – 14/10/2008

Thank you to those players to have been attending to our basketball squad training in the last 3 weeks. We have at least 4 more trainings and practices to go before heading off for Frankfurt in Germany for the European deaf basketball club tournament. It is vital for players to be totally committed to turn up in every training and we cannot accept any more excuses for absences. We understand it will be a tough luck for some due to distance or for some students during their term break. We always try our best to facilitate and help where feasible.

We have almost 20 players altogether and majority of them has expressed their interest to go to tournament in Germany and have agreed with flight costs, accommodation and others.

The committee and the Head Coach will be monitoring the players during the training programme and they can only select the top 10 players and 2 reserves (12 in total) for the London Lions team to Germany (date to be advised for final selection). It will be a very difficult and poignant task to select these players and some will miss out. Everyone involved will have to understand that is the way it goes for basketball team.

To those who may have missed out – please do not give up, you still have lot of potential to develop into much better player over a short period of time. If you remember the NBA superstar – Michael Jordan, he has once missed out the team selection for his school basketball team and he was really hurt and frustrated. He kept it up with himself, worked hard with on-going trainings and finally made into the team in the following year – the rest is history where he became one of few richest and best all-rounder basketball player in the world. Nevertheless, you can still come to Germany to give the team a support. There will be another basketball tournament (friendly matches) in December 2008 and it to be held in Zagreb, Croatia with other deaf basketball clubs – some are from Italy, Slovenia, Germany and more.

If we have plenty of players in our another basketball try-outs for Croatia and beyond, we may send two deaf basketball teams i.e. “Team A” and “Team B”. Of course, more games to be added during 2009 – 2010. In addition, we also hope to join the local basketball league for weekly competition in London during 2009 season.

To set your sight for more achievements and goals, there are major international deaf basketball events coming up during 2009 to 2013. Deaf Basketball UK endeavours to train and send teams to these events:

  • 2009 April – U20 European Deaf Basketball Championships – Warsaw, Poland
  • 2010 September – U20 World Deaf Basketball Championships – Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2011 September – World Deaf Basketball Championships – Palermo, Italy
  • 2012 July – European Deaf Basketball Championships – Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2013 July – 22nd Deaflympic Games – Athens, Greece.

Finally, we have noticed we do not have every player’s email addresses and some where incorrect – would you kindly please send your email address and name to Lyndon Borrow on – so we can keep record of players and email regularly for update and information. Thank you.

Yours in basketball,

Deaf Basketball UK Committee