Ramas’s Basketball Success down-under!

My journey after The European Championship in Turkey 2012…

In the European Championship in Turkey, Great Britain played very well. We received some very positive feedback from the other European teams about how Great Britain’s team had really developed their skills since they’d last seen us play! Of course, I am proud to be part of GB team; they are my brothers!

After the championship we went our separate ways – I left for another country – Australia. In Australia, I began working at Victorian College for the Deaf (VCD), in Melbourne. I have since joined ‘Melbourne City’, a Deaf basketball team. We compete regularly on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Recently, I have joined two other hearing teams, also – I play with them on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This means I play everyday from Monday to Thursday. Meanwhile I have set up an under 18’s team for the Deaf students (boys) at VCD. They play every Friday evening after school, and I coach them.

DIBF Asia hosted the 1st AsiaPasific Deaf Basketball Tournament in Manila (the Philippines), which is like the EuroCup in Europe. I was selected for the Melbourne City team to play in Manila, representing Australia. I was proud to be a member of the team. Melbourne City was set up in 1993, hence it’s 20th anniversary is this year. Because of this, Melbourne City is very strong and rather unbeatable. We were champions in Manila and returned home to Melbourne with the 1st AsiaPasific Basketball trophy!

At end of last summer’s basketball season, Melbourne City made the Grand Final in our (hearing) league’s competition. Unfortunately we didn’t play very well in this game and lost. But it did mean that we ranked 2nd place in 9th grade.

As usual, in the sporting world, I have sustained injuries. One injury, in particular, I will never forget! A past game, I tried to make a trick to get a fault from another team but my opponent jumped and and his elbow made contact with my forehead. This caused a deep cut to my forehead and I bled all over the court and my shoes! I needed 7 stitches, and will always have a scar. Now I look like a Deaf Harry Potter!

I am currently playing in the winter season with four clubs. I am really looking forward to playing with my Great Britain boys again in the World Championships in Taiwan 2015!

Ramas Rentelis


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