London Lions vs London Beard results

After playing dramatic and tension Beard team managed to beat the London Lions outcome 53-50. This victory left the London Lions for the first time outside the European Championships which will be held between the 28/11/2012 -01/12/2012 in Lithuania

The game started late because of most Beard players were not aware of disruptions in transportation and all the London Lions players showed up time apart one of their player who was not aware of dislocation transport too. The player also carried the whole team uniform. Because of this London Lions could not even start the match.

Like an hour late opening match, unexpectedly London Lions led by a wide margin and was about to end the first quarter with score of 13-7. At this moment Romas Meskinis and Aleksas Katakinas awoke in time and managed to bring a comparing the result to 13-13

Beard continued with their positive momentum and increased the lead to 10 points into second quarter to 26-16. An excellent play of the London Lions especially Alex Milner who scored six consecutive points and the second half end in result of 28-25 to Beard.

Thriller also continued in the third quarter and probably both team showed good basketball level which was very pleasant to watch.  London Lions players started performing multiple offenses started to make a lot of fault which harm them badly at the end of the match.

Last quarter somehow London Lions managed to escape and lead. The score grew up to eight points apart. Just few minutes before the end of the match mistakes and fault off Alfonsas, Jaan, Abdullah and Mac started to have fault trouble. Mac and Jaan went out with 5 faults and Alfonsas had to play with 4 faults. London Lions presented a game of war but the high performance capabilities of Romas and Aleksas were accompanied with crazy shots in difficult situations.

Until 19 seconds to the end of the match London Lions still lead 50-47. Aleksas Stnronovs Scored 3 point and brought the score into 50-50. London lost the ball on their last attack attempt and began to play confused and scattered. Romas kept the ball with him and manage to squeeze an offense fault which sent him to the free through line twice and coolly managed to score 3 points out of 4 which was good enough for them to win.



London Beard scored London Lions Scored


Romas Meskinis                     27 Alex Milner                            14 
Aleksas Katakinas                 16 Mac Thompson                       12 
Alex Ronves                           4 Leslie Phillips                          8 
Kalev Laumets (Aussy guy)     3 Jaan Laumets                         7 
Edgaras Vaskelis                    3 Abdullah Mustafa                     6
Ryan Lloyds                           3 



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