GB Deaf men team at the 10th European Deaf Basketball Championship in Konya

As you all know that GB basketball team was eliminated from the qualification competition after losing to Poland in Poland in December 2011 by 68 points difference which led to the cancellation of the home match against Poland.

GB Deaf basketball men team had the golden opportunity to participate in the European championship after we were told by ESDO last March that German Men team withdrew their participation. From this circumstance, we told EDSO that we would like to participate.

GB Deaf men basketball team at this time had no money in the bank account and we knew that for the European Championship we should have at least £10,000 in order to cover the practices, equipment, uniform, travel expenses, basketball camp, flight and hotel expenses.

At the end, prior to heading to Turkey we managed to get fund from:

Silent Bubbles £1,500 which was deposited into DBUK bank account, Scorpio Builders £3,000 in cash and the players fundraised £1,240 which brought all in a total of £5,740.

Now, as GB basketball team performance – we have lost all our matches:


Israel by 21 points

Lithuania by 80 points

Croatia by 35 points

Slovenia by 54 points

Russia by 35 points

Italy by 15 points

Poland by 28 points.

Keep in your mind that Slovenia, the winner, Lithuania 2nd place and Russia 3rd place came from our group which mean that we were in a very strong group that gave us no chance at all. We could have beaten Croatia as we simple failed our shooting badly (18%) which is very low. The match against Croatia was like a black day for us.

Finally, it has been a great benefit for the Deaf GB men to participate at the European Deaf Basketball Championship 2012. They’ve learnt a lot, they saw how many good players there were and how well they were playing. On the way back home, they felt more knowledgeable and took the inspiration and desire to continue to play and expand the knowledge about the actual upcoming Deaf basketball championships, tournaments and trainings.




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