London Beards new kits and Manager Announcement

Dear Basketball lovers, Fans and Sponsors,

I would like to inform you that I am proud of our team London Beard new basketball shirts that which has two blue and white sides.

There is an opportunity to train and to join the London Beards Deaf Basketball Team lead by international experienced deaf basketball people who has been to European Championships and World Championship.

Even greater advantage is that what is on our team’s shirts – a logo of cartoon fictional character, called London Beard! This character reflects us as seniors. We are strong; we have a passion for basketball. Our main goal is to bring together a solid team Beards, (I mean London Beards) which could continue to play against other basketball teams in various upcoming competitions in England and other countries.

If you are interested to join us, yes, you are more than warmly welcome to have a look at our basketball training sessions, to play with us and to take part in competitions against the others.

With very best regards,

Kalev Laumets
London Beard Team Manager


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