London Lions vs London Beards

Surprise, Surprise London Lion is playing again Lion Beard today making it quite an amazing game to watch. There were 5 team players on the Lion Beard while there are 6 for the other, making it difficult for Lion Beard to switch players when needed. Throughout the game, it was quite impressive to see how the Lion Beard had tolerated the situation and because of that, they had played an amazing game and can really notice they had improved their game since the beginning. Imagining it must have been difficult for the coach of the Lion Beard to not be able to support or direct them during this game as his playing on the London Lion team. Impressive, the Lion Beard did an amazing game otherwise.

Fantastic plays among all the players on both teams with all their sharp moves, thinking to make the right moves. At one point, the game was quite close but London Lion became rather aggressive in the second half of the game, especially by one player. Personally, believed that the basket disliked the Lion Beard today as it was not accepting all your wicked shots! Energetically the game had become very competitive toward the end but rather bizarre based on the situations as London Lion had won the game with it last shot was played as soon as the buzzer went off with scores of 55-77. Impressive Game Guys! Keep it Up!

Written by Amanda L.


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