London Amateur Basketball League: Play-offs

London Lions

Quite an interesting game the London Lions played today against the Queen Mary. The London Lions were on the roll with remarkable moves and tricks as had begun leading the game to a winning start during the first half of the game. A strong voice of the coach believed to be based on which moves was to play, where to go, seemed to do the trick as the team was doing fantastic job listening. The plays were amazing and can feel the pressure was on as if the London Lion were determined to win this game but then with a surprising twist something happened.

The London Lions was so close – oh just a hope you get up there before it too late– Could it possible indicate that some of the actions during the passing or tossing was the hurting the team or was it the frustration taking over? For a few moments there the London Lion almost had it as their frustrations turned into a fighting rage of not letting the Queen Mary take away your winning star. Really having the audiences anxious of knowing what will happen next as the game become tougher and tougher. Unfortunately, all that effort became a disappointment for the guys as Queen Mary won with a score of 52/37. Well done guys!

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London Beards

A twist of a turn kind of game as some would call it a “Replacement Game” for the Lion Beard as most of the teams was not present there today. Last game there was the team player was indicated a striking
star, but then this game another young team player seems to take over with some of his motives. A great play, as one team member passes the ball to him and ran with the open wide court to the basket. ‘Whew’ for second there would have thought had missed based on the angle of the ball but ‘cheers’ it went in. What a fantastic move.

Considering the teams probably didn’t practice together or play together before they did surprisingly well even though they were being creamed by the other team with their tough image. As much Lion
Beard put all their efforts into the last half of the game, didn’t quite make it with a score of 72/31. Great effort guys!


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