London Amateur Basketball League: London Beards

An impressive game for the London Beards their first competitive game today. The team shows enthusiastic, full power energy with sharp moves throughout the game. Despite the age range differences they work sort of well together, but can notice that the young groups stayed together passing more to each other than allowing the older range involved until later in the game.

Both of the teams had started off to be very tight- neck to neck until the Greenwich Admirals team use their power to allow London beards to catch up for the rest of the game. Even with all the energy from the team, London Beards, it was difficult to catch up with scores like 37-20 and continues to become more difficult each second of the each period. There were moments where you think that the London Beards will catch up in time based on them being on top of other teams without being behind in their steps, covering and blocking to get a chance to get the ball. Unfortunately, the Greenwich Admirals were too quick on their toes to allow that to happen.

By the second half, the London Beards wasn’t willing to give up, even though the Greenwich Admirals was spiked up with winning the game. The last end of the game was wicked; awesome by the moves and actions between the players as they were trying their hardest to really catch up to winning the game. As much as the team had tried, they couldn’t quite reach the final score of 98/58. Great effort from the guys and that they will beat them next time.

One word to describe this game between Siberian Tractors vs. London Beards is “interesting or maybe aggressive.” The teams had started off amazing with full of energy, moves, and was in full swing of the spirit. As if the team, London Beards, was on top of the game until the second period when everything just out of the blues changed from assertive actions, angers, Siberian Tractors taking the leaps of winning to change the outcome of the game. One player for both teams was kicked off for the remaining game due to aggressive behaviour. Then at the last period another player from London Beards was kicked off for too many faults. Then later find that teams’ comment about the umpire’s job. Does that mean they weren’t being fair? Not catching the moves from Siberian Tractors to call some faults
and penalties when they should? In one good striking action throughout the game was from one of the players from London Beards; seems to take the star motive as he has the winning strike with the ball with the remarkable moves and the right angle when shooting into the basket.

This game was “on your toes” kind of game with so many different actions that it was difficult to grasp what was actually happening. I can say this game was interesting to observe in a positive attitude
because there was so much that was happening throughout the game to be bored from watching. Well done play boys even if you were close to winning, the Siberian Tractors had won with the score 74/57.

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WOW! Another on your toes kind of game from the Lion Beards second game today vs. Queen Mary University. The Lion Beards for sure had you on your feet with all their energy and moves. Of course, the Lion Beards were getting slammed by the Queen Mary University with their powerful moves but that didn’t stop them from having a full force of energy to catch up. The thing is that the Lion Beards were great especially the top star today with his striking moves and winning shot to make you really involved in the game without a bore of thoughts. However, there were times you had to wonder about the players today as they passed to each other, or saying to each other because of the mistakes they had made such as allowing a wide/open chance for the Queen Mary University to shoot freely. As one girl from the sideline was really having a field day as if she was the coach by her yelling, comments, and her “AHH” making it interesting to observe. You can tell this game was so full of different thoughts from frustrations, moves, energy is making you involve in the game. The Lion Beards had a strike out with winning passion that you know soon enough they will win a game. Bravo boys!

Written by Amanda L.


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