London Amateur Basketball League: Game 4

Could it possibly be the beautiful day that the team, London Lions, played a fair game? The game was another tough game between the Red Dragons especially when that team had seemed to have “must win” attitude as they were continuously determined to make sure the ball was in the basket the entire time. Interesting play of the Red Dragons at each last second of the game as the period was over. They waste time by passing the ball back and forth to each other before shooting into the basket in realizing that no chance for the London Lions to try to score before the final play.

The London Lions seem to have it rough as they are playing together this game, but honestly they did play virtuous even though they continually kept passing back and forth until one finally shot toward the basket. They were doing well in the beginning until as they were close catching up with 43/61 but then the other team decides to use their strategies of “win-win” and beat the London Lions of 76/61 at the final end of the game.

Written by Amanda L.

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