London Amateur Basketball League: Game 2 & 3

The first game London Lions vs. Tower Hamlets Trojans was challenging to play out a game among both teams. The Tower Hamlets Trojans had been ahead of the game as far as scoring but The London Lions were not that far behind. It seems believable that the Tower Hamlets Trojans were set to win with everyone and that they had tricks ups their sleeves. They did have a referee that seems new and didn’t quite get the plays so in an outside point of view some of the calls were not appropriated and was viewed as the Trojans were getting away with some of the penalties. The London Lions had a rough time with many penalties and fouls making it little easier for the other team to beat them which was unfair. Even though the Tower Hamlets Trojans won by more than 10 points, it was a good game. It is something that the London Lions will learn to use a different strategy the next time with these tough, fast Tower Hamlets Trojans.

I think with the break after a tough first game, probably lots of yelling after the game that the second game vs. Greenwich Grizzles seems to be remarkable of great plays and strategies among the team players. The team seems to have more energy than the first game that they were basically flying. Great plays and passing the balls to each member that they were able to pass the other team and shot at the perfect moment. The communication among the team players was more there than the first game which made it a better play for the team because of less penalties and foul throughout the game. The Greenwich Grizzles, however, were tied neck with London Lions throughout the game, as if they were on top of each other scoring, but the London Lions didn’t back down instead they continue to be ahead of the game. Because of that attitude the London Lions had won 64 to 51. The team showed a remarkable play of the players with high potentials.

Written by Amanda L.

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