Match Reports & Comments from the President of DBUK

Comments from the President of DBUK:

Time has gone extremely fast since 2006. DBUK celebrated their 5th anniversary on 30th April 2011. We are proud of what we have achieved at DBUK and from what I foresee, the future is going to be very bright for Deaf Basketball UK.

To celebrate our 5th anniversary we invited international Deaf basketball teams from France and Germany to play against the London Lions Mens and Women’s teams in a small tournament. Our guests were from Paris, France and Bielefeld, Germany. There were 3 teams competing both women and men: London Lionesses Women’s team a & b played against Bielefeld Women’s Team and the men; London Lions Men’s team, Beard Men’s Team (our new London Basketball club for Deaf) against the Paris Men’s team.

We had a wonderful day and at the end of the tournament the results were:-

Women Group:
London Lionesses A – GSV Bielefeld 20:38
London Lionesses A – London Lionesses B 76:42
GSV Bielefeld – London Lionesses B 49: 36

1. GSV Bielefeld
2. London Lionesses A
3. London Lionesses B

Men Group:
London Lions – Beard 43:35
Beard – CSSMP 33:43
CSSMP – London Lions 54:35

1. London Lions
2. Beard

I personally would like to congratulate all for making the event a great success and a big thanks to our committee members. We also really appreciate the international teams coming all the way to London to help celebrate this milestone.

DBUK will continue hard work for Deaf sports in UK.

Best regards,
DBUK President


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