Kid’s Basketball Event- 28th May 2011

The Kids Basketball event had been at Bishop Challener Sport Centre, in Shadwell, London on 28th May 2011 and we had 23 attendances, with ages ranging from 4-12. I was really brilliant and really excited. All kids really enjoyed themselves and learned a lot. We did present them how to played with balls, competitions and match games and in the end of the event we awarded two Best Players and medals to all kids.

I would like to announce that I am delighted how successful it was and BIG thanks to all our volunteers – Rolana Moleviciute, Daiva Aliskauskaite, Nazia Bidi, Marleine Abou Mrad and Amanda Lonsway and Darius Motiecius who worked with selling foods and photographer Krista Kuzima, of course without them we couldn’t done with this event and also thanks to all parents bringing their kids.

We are considering arranging again next time, because mostly kids asked us to do.
Once again thank you!

Written by Maria Laumete.

Huge thanks to Krista Kuzima for the photos!


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