Sweden defeated Britain in the basketball qualifiers

Sweden won the first World Cup qualifying match in basketball in Britain with 59-37
(9-14, 12-8, 20-7, 18-8). Vasagatan Hall in Solna was filled to capacity, nearly 300 people came to cheer for Sweden.

In the first two introductory sessions did not work particularly well for Sweden. It went too slowly, simply and shoots did not sit where they would. But Sweden would come again, and in the final two periods, it was Sweden who directed and posed. That also includes two debutants in the A squad, Albert Boklund and Romel Belcher, did well means a lot to the national team’s future. This is what our expert commentator Kjell Gunnar of World Cup qualifiers. Sweden had to today’s match dusted by some of the veterans of the Deaflympics in Rome in 2001 when Sweden’s men last time was shown in the international game. Robert Hummelvik, Tomi Madunic, Novica Matic and Kenneth Lundh makes a comeback today to help young people to acquire some necessary routine in World Cup qualifier winners total home and away go on to World Championships in Palermo in September in the autumn.

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Source: http://iof1.idrottonline.se/SvenskaDovidrottsforbundet/Dokumentbank/Nyhetsarkiv/


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