Match Report: GB Men vs Sweden Men (2nd Leg)

Last Sunday 10th April 2011, it was a big let down for everyone concerned. We were simply were not ready and the mentality of the team let us down due to two missing point guards which changed all the tactic plans. We had to start with Calum as point guard in front with Bello. Mitch started the match at first five player and this put us in a sticky situation. Most players had no practise experience with Mitch which made team communications hard. The result from this was that we did not drill very well and struggled in the first two quarters. The Swedish team took advantage of our problem and took the lead easily. Sweden played confidently and we played basketball on offence in a confused way. We ran after Sweden team, we were under pressure and we did not play our game as we should of done.

However we did well on rebounds, on defence and attack. We put pressure on Sweden within the last two quarters and we did not allow them to escape into a higher lead. In the 3rd quarter we started to play properly using the drills to effect and we finally knew how to use our players and managed to reduce the score by 7 points down only. We played much better on second leg match compare to first match. Making the score 59-37 in the previous first leg match. I was disappointed with the result, but very pleased with our ‘fight-back’ pride.

We are aware that expectations from us before the match was high, sometimes it’s cause a little numbing. “We played uncertainly, we were not sharp, nothing came easily for us at the match. Mitch Graham one of our dominate player was weak on offence. I am saying that “Even great players sometimes lose confidence, but it still Mitch Graham”, He is not the reason we lose the match. I told the players at the half time that we must stay focused and united, that nothing will come easily, we can lose to everyone and win them all. We just need to have to collect ourselves, to think, look forward and work harder. I believe that if we work on a personal capacity, understanding the match tactic and making the moves properly then result will be in accordance. This is the matter of timing. Finally, I am glad that we knew how to fight back and got to manage into a close score.

In my personal experience if we had full players in every practise and the same full players during this match then we would of won. Now we need to use this as a lesson learnt and move forward and focus on future matches. I am going to provide a training camp program either in June or July for all UK deaf basketball players. I am working on getting Doncaster College as a location for basketball camp.

Written by Moty Allshever


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