13th International Tournament of Deaf Veteran Men Basketball in Moscow

2-4th June 2011

13-th International Tournament of Deaf Veteran Men Basketball in Moscow (Russia), dedicated to the 70 th anniversary of our first President of the All-Russian Deaf Society Valery Korablinov.

1.Invitation: Moscow Deaf Veterans men Basketball Club of Saturn
2.Data: 02-04 June, 2011
3.Place of Competition: Moscow or Moscow Region.
4.Deadline of Entry Form: 31 March, 2011, e-mail:
5.Executive Director: Nikolay Galushevsky
6.Accommodation, Meal and Travel: All costs connected with participation in the tournament are at the team’s expenses. The rate accommodation per night is to be around 800 rubles, (20 euros).
7. Arrival: 01 June, 2011 (Wednesday).

8.Departure: 05 June, 2011 (Sunday).
9. Number of Members from Each Club: Each club team should consist of no more than 10 players, including coach and representative.
10. List of Players: Team leader must provide the following documents before the competition: Doctor Certificate including a medical approval for admission of every athlete.
11. Participants of Competition: Players must be at least of 35 years old.
12. Judging: One person from each participating team will be judged (as a referee) match between the other teams.
13. Insurance: Each tournament participant must be insured for the duration of stay abroad.
14. Flag: Each participating country will bring its own flag.

Executive Director Your browser may not support display of this image. Nikolay Galushevsky


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