Match Report: London Lions vs Paris Shark

London Lions settled on its third gear to overcome the Parisian team

The London Lions basketball team barely crossed its second win against the Parisian team this season by 53-43.

This was the fourth match of London Lions against the Parisian team in two years.

At the beginning of a match both of teams were unable to keep hold of the ball. London Lions succeeded in recovering the ball and took lead by 12 points. The Parisian team decreased their lead from 12 to 8 points at the end of first quarter. In the second quarter London Lions had strict competition as the Parisian team managed to return with a lag of 8 points and even gained an advantage of a point in its favor during the third quarter. London Lions managed to win back the ball to return the advantage in its favor by 12 points at the end of third quarter.

On the last quarter the Parisian team tried to fight back to get the lead however they did not succeed. London Lions players managed the pressure well in order to keep the difference ranging 10 to 14 points.

All players participated and every one contributed to win the game. It should be noted that the cooperation of the players was above expectations and it was one of the tenets that led to London Lions to win the game even though the players were not 100% mentally ready to play. We will face strong teams in Trapani. The match has given London Lions a confidence to push and aim to fight for a good position in the up and coming Italian Tournament.


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