Official Announcement from Head Coach

Dear Basketball Lovers, Fans and Sponsors

Basketball season for 2010/11 has started! Our London Lions mens team secured a great result against the Paris Basketball Club with the score ending in 58-53. It was indeed a close one! Congratulations are in order for the team, commiserations to the Parisians!

I can say that this is definitely the year for the London Lions and the one of the goals is to participate in more matches. The London Lions have definitely set the standard, may the winning streak continue!

Equally after the success of GB U21 team at the Deaf Basketball World Championships in Lublin, Poland; the players have had their appetite increased for winning matches. Here’s to a great basketball season for both teams!

We encourage our players to play with hearing teams to gain confidence and to increase skills; a perfect example is the story of our fellow teammates Mitchell Graham and Calum Thompson who both play for the GB U21 team. Mitchell and Calum joined the Reading Rockets basketball team, which is a fantastic achievement. And another fellow player, Alex Milner joined his university basketball team and has enjoyed the opportunity of playing with a hearing team immensely.

As the London Lions basketball team enters into its fourth year; we have welcomed new players with relish and we are still welcoming anyone who wants to play basketball provided that they are committed to playing.

We have divided into two teams: the first team will comprise of selected players based on their level of skill and experience.The first team is to participate in all games/events in the UK and overseas. A level of commitment is required.

The second team will be composed of players who need to improve skills and practise in order to qualify for the first team. It will predominately be a “fun team”, for anyone who would like to come and play basketball for fun or to learn the sport. Players with potential within this second team will be considered for the first.

This year we will participate in Winter and Summer leagues. We will be playing in Italy early December as there will be a Deaf European Club Championship. The event is to be held on the 2-5th December 2010. Before heading to the Euro Cup, we will have a friendly match against the Parisian team which will be held on the 13th November 2010 at a destination in London.

This year we will also have a Basketball Camp for the youth players who are between the ages of 13-18 years. The GB U 21 team will leave for Canada in the Summer of 2011 to play against the Canada U21 team and we will participate in the Montreal basketball tournament. This will provide our players experience and to gain a “taste” of the challenges that lie ahead as we prepare our GB team for the DIBF 3rd World Deaf Basketball Championship 09-09-2011 which will take place in Palermo, Italy.

During the season we will host the first UK 3 x 3 basketball games for men and women players. More details to feature on the website in the near future.

Finally, I cannot emphasize enough that we could not have our success without the help of our great sponsors Significan’t, the company that provides SignVideo Service, Overseas Interpreter Agency, and the individual people who donated money and support to DBUK.  I do hope that these companies and people will continue to support us this year as their support give us both breath and desire to carry on with our achievements.

Your Sincerely

Moty Allshever,

London Lion and GB Deaf Basketball Head Coach


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