results: 3-on-3 streetball tournament- London Lions in Stuttgart, Germany

London Lions Men and Women teams attended to 3-on-3 Streetball tournament held in Stuttgart, Germany on Sunday 31st May to Monday 1st June 2009.

Deaf Street ball basketball tournment in Stuttgart, GermanyTeams list – Women:
1) GSG Stuttgart
2) GSA Leverkusen I
3) GSA Leverkusen II
4) GSC Nürnberg
5) GSV Würzburg I
6) GSV Würzburg II
7) Berliner GSV
8) London Lions

Teams list – Men:
1) GSG Stuttgart
2) GBF München
3) GSA Leverkusen
4) GSV Würzburg I
5) GSV Würzburg II
6) GTSV Frankfurt
7) London Lions I
8) London Lions II
9) London Lions III

It was well fought games comprising 4 London Lions team of 3 players each versus another team with 3 players on the half court. Everyone has enjoyed the fascinating tournament with European deaf basketball clubs.

Results – Women:
London Lions Women – came 8th of 8 teams
1) Vita Pociute
2) Daiva Alisauskaite
3) Maira Laumets

The ladies have played really well considering a short space of time from setting up women team just recently and did couple of training. They look forward to improving with ongoing training, developments and matches.

Results – Men:
London Lions I – came 4th of 9 teams
London Lions II – 7th
London Lions III – 8th
1) Ramas Rentelis
2) Vadim Rechetnikov
3) Dariusz Kaczmarski
4) Witold Wdowiarz
5) Gabriel Arellano
6) Louis Francis
7) Miroslav Civin
8) Daniel Bochynski
9) Jaan Laumets

London Lions I have played several close and exciting games and got unlucky with few points. Players felt they should have been in 2nd or 3rd place if all goes well.

The London Lions teams are very proud of their achievements and efforts. On behalf of DBUK Committee, our congratulations to all players participated in this tournament.


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