Team list for GTSV international basketball club tournament in Frankfurt, Germany

London Lions deaf basketball club have been registered to play in the international deaf basketball club tournament hosted by GTSV in Frankfurt, Germany on Saturday 15 November 2008.

Below is the official registered list of men and women deaf basketball clubs for the tournament:

Tournament groups:
1. GTSV Frankfurt
2. London Lions DBC (UK)
3. Silent Warriors Zagreb (Croatia)
4. PSR Roma (Italy)
5. ASFN Accra (Ghana)
6. GSV Würzburg (Germany)
7. GSC Nürnberg (Germany)
8. GSV Heidelberg (Germany)
9. GSC Fürth (Germany)
10. GSV Osnabrück (Germany)
1. St. Vincent’s DLBC Dublin (Ireland)
2. ASFN Accra (Ghana)
3. Berliner GSV (Germany)
4. GSA Leverkusen I (Germany)
5. GSA Leverkusen II (Germany)
6. GSV Würzburg (Germany)
7. GSC Nürnberg (Germany)
8. GVIUS Ingolstadt (Germany)
9. GSV München (Germany)
Registered and closed as at 15 October 2008

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