Final team selection announced – London Lions Deaf Basketball Team

We wish announce and congratulate to these players who have made into the final top players to play for London Lions basketball team for the International Deaf Basketball Club Tournament in Frankfurt, Germany on Saturday 15th November 2008.

Team list in alphabetical order:

  • Mordechai Allshever (Head coach and part-player)
  • Jamie Chang
  • Louis Francis
  • Paul Gardner
  • Thomas Giddens
  • Ali Halil
  • Charles Hawes
  • Chris Maher
  • Alex Milner
  • Aeron Mazija
  • Timothy Quigley
  • Ramas Rentelis
  • Calum Thompson

At the tournament – only a maximum of 12 players are allowed to play.  The “13th player” will be chosen as reserve and he will support the team and coach on the bench during the tournament. The decision will be made later or in Germany as depending on the rest of players such as injury or fitness, etc.

Those who have missed out the selection will be reviewed and encouraged to continue the trainings after the tournament in readiness for another tournament in Zagreb, Croatia in early December 2008. London Lions hopes to send two teams to Zagreb – “Team A” and “Team B”.

Well done and good luck to the final team for Germany.

DBUK Committee.


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